Vacuum waste cyclone system

For the clean, efficient collection and removal of waste

Vacuum waste cyclone system


For the clean, efficient collection and removal of waste by vacuum from multiple locations in the hatchery. Waste collected in for example the candling and transfer room and the chick handling room is hygienically disposed of by vacuum pipes to the collection system. This reduces the risk of cross contamination caused by transporting waste containers through various rooms inside the hatchery.

How it works

  • By using rotational effects and gravity, the cyclone separates waste particles from air
  • Separated waste is stored for approximately five minutes, after which it is automatically dumped into a container before the cycle begins again

Technical specifications

Capacity 50 litres filling volume, automatic intermediate waste release into container
Installed power 0.5 kW
Air consumption Approximately 0.4 m3 per hour at 7 bar
Material Mainly stainless steel AISI 304
Control cabinet Standard reinforced polyester
Dimensions Standard maximum 1.35 x 2.2 meters
Standard height 3.6 meters (maximum 9,4 meters)
Waste release lid diameter standard 0.25 meters
OptionalElevated, extra high gantry


Vacuum waste cyclone system

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