Air handling unit

To produce and supply fully optimised air conditions throughout the hatchery

Air handling unit


The air handling unit (AHU) is a central air conditioning station that conditions air supplied into the hatchery building by ventilation ductwork connected to the AHU. Air that has been conditioned by the AHU is delivered into hatchery rooms with thermo-hygrometric and IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) treatment.

In a modular design with separated fan, filter, cooling, heating and heat recovery blocks, the air handling unit treats external, incoming air by filtering, cooling and/or heating, humidifying and/or dehumidifying. The unit includes a frequency controlled high pressure centrifugal fan, quick release filters and an electronic switch box with Siemens Synco 700 regulator, for the control of temperature, humidity and pressure in a range of heating and cooling options.

High efficiency A+ energy labelling due to IE2 motors and a variable frequency drive ensure low operational costs. Units are easy to maintain, silent in operation and can be installed both side by side or on top of each other to minimise footprint.

How it works

  • Outside air enters the air handling unit via a flexible connection, which can be connected to a wall or air piping
  • A dust filter removes larger particles from the incoming air, then an F7 filter further treats incoming air to remove the remaining fine particles
  • Various cooling and/or heating modules prepare the air at the right temperature set-point. Cold or hot water circuits in each module allow for efficient transfer and the variable air speed ensures maximum transfer efficiency
  • Where a heat recovery module is included, this is installed prior to the heating module to pre-heat the air
  • Customer specific air ducting design ensures that the climatised air is prepared and directed as required to meet the specific needs of different areas in the hatchery

Technical specifications

Air capacity (depending on configuration)3,000 up to 34,000 m3/h
Filter qualityF7
MaterialFully galvanized framework and sheet-steel frame
IncludingPressure sensor for automatic filter maintenance indication
Heating module, heating coil materialCu/Al slide out coil
Cooling module, cooling coil materialCu/Al slide out coil


Air handling unit

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