Process water chiller

To provide economical cooling for incubators and climate control equipment

Process water chiller


Pas Reform’s process water chiller uses refrigerants to provide cooling for setters and hatchers. Chilled water may also be used to circulate through cooling coils in HVAC units. The refrigeration circuit consists of compressor(s), condenser(s), thermal expansion valve and evaporator(s). Together, these components remove heat from a process load to provide consistent setpoint temperatures 24 hours a day, seven days a week in an energy efficient design with low operational costs that respects the environment.

Each part is specially selected for maximum acoustic comfort during operation, while keeping durability and reliability at high levels. When equipped with a heat recovery unit, “waste” heat can also be re-used to (pre) heat incoming air from air handling units. Depending on local climate conditions, this may reduce heat production capacity substantially.

How it works

  • The process water chiller removes heat from incoming water via an absorption recirculation cycle in a closed loop system, consisting of R410a cooling liquid
  • Chilled process water is collected in a buffer tank, from where it can be supplied throughout the hatchery for cooling purposes
  • In combination with a heat recovery system (optional), the heat produced is transferred to a heat pump, from where it can be reused in, for example the air handling unit

Technical specifications

PWC 110110 kW cooling capacity, 19.10 m3/hr flow rate
PWC 135135 kW cooling capacity, 23.80 m3/hr flow rate
PWC 150150 kW cooling capacity, 26.70 m3/hr flow rate
PWC 210210 kW cooling capacity, 35.60 m3/hr flow rate
PWC 230230 kW cooling capacity, 40.60 m3/hr flow rate
PWC 280280 kW cooling capacity, 48.00 m3/hr flow rate
PWC 320320 kW cooling capacity, 56.50 m3/hr flow rate
PWC 370370 kW cooling capacity, 63.20 m3/hr flow rate
PWC 420420 kW cooling capacity, 72.00 m3/hr flow rate
PWC 480480 kW cooling capacity, 82.90 m3/hr flow rate
PWC 540540 kW cooling capacity, 93.10 m3/hr flow rate
PWC 600600 kW cooling capacity, 104.30 m3/hr flow rate
PWC 700700 kW cooling capacity, 120.40 m3/hr flow rate


Process water chiller

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