Complete data capture for total hatchery control



SmartCenterPro™ is a hatchery information system created to deliver precise, consistent process control, analysis and reporting for every level of hatchery operations. Incubation, climate control and hatchery automation systems can be fully optimised, seamlessly connected and data enabled. Every egg-to-chick journey and hatchery process, from the receipt of hatching eggs to sending the day old chicks to the farm, culminates in a unique cycle report, containing batch specific information on traceability, chick uniformity and hatcher climate, hatchery climate and alarms.

How it works

Three main program tiers provide rapid access to SmartCenterPro™’s complete information system:

Hatchery Overview:

  •  Continuously monitors incubators, hatchery automation and climate control systems
  • Fine-tunes settings for optimum incubation conditions at all times

Hatchery Management:

  • Manages key functions, from track & trace, alarm management and maintenance to breed specific incubation programming

Hatchery Analysis:

  • Charts every process and event in day to day operations
  • Produces real time management reports, with detailed, batch specific information for every hatch cycle

Technical specifications

Housing19 inch rack (wall mount)
Connections2x LAN, 4x RS422, 1x Output, 6x Inputs, 2x modem
Internet requirementFixed internet IP (ADSL or cable), ports 2020 /2022
Power requirement230 Volt, 50/60 Hz + ground
CablesTo Navigator or HOM: 3 x 2 x 0.34 mm² shielded
To SmartPro™ or SmartDrive™; cat.5 Ethernet cable
To Backup alarm: 2 x 1 mm²
SecurityUser name + password, Secure SSL internet connection
Only accessible via computer with installed SSL certificate
IP filter which can grant/deny access to SmartCenterPro™ web pages



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Bouke Hamminga, Director International Sales & Business Development