Performance testing tool to quickly run performance checks on SmartPro™ and SmartCount™ prior to a new cycle



A comprehensive, reliable system that allows hatchery personnel to access incubator performance data, run performance checks on setters, hatchers and chick counters and quickly find and eliminate performance bottlenecks. All major systems can be checked, including heating, ventilation and humidification as well as individual sensors and cyclinders of the counter.

SmartGo™ contributes to achieving operational reliability, greater productivity and increased uptime.

How it works

  • Allows hatchery personnel to quickly evaluate incubator and counter performance and may be used to run a performance check on setters, hatchers and chick counters before starting a new (incubation) cycle™
  • The SmartGo™ testing program is easily launched from the SmartPro™ touch panel of the specific system.
  • Information shown by this module allows you to quickly find and eliminate performance bottlenecks, to ensure that hatchery operations run smoothly and without interruption, thus preventing surprised during actual operation
  • All major incubator systems can be checked simultaneously or per incubator section, as well as individual sensors and cylinders of the counting system

Technical specifications

SmartSetPro™Heating, cooling, Vortex, humidification system
SmartHatchPro™Heating, cooling, Vortex, humidification system
SmartStart™ Hatcher Heating, cooling, Vortex, humidification system
SmartCount™ Sensors signals, individual cylinders, Vision system, conveyor transport



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