Thank you to all our IPPE 2019 visitors

21 February 2019

Thank you to all our IPPE 2019 visitors

It was many months in preparation, but IPPE 2019 is now over. What an excellent event this year’s expo proved to be! Our NatureForm and Pas Reform teams were delighted to welcome hundreds of visitors during the show – including many customers, old and new, who had travelled from every corner of the globe to help us celebrate 100 years of innovation, partnership and expansion.

Visitors to our Stand were eager to discover more about the latest in Integrated Hatchery Solutions. As well as seeing our advanced single-stage incubation technologies, developments for super connectivity created a real buzz, as we demonstrated the real benefits and opportunities for growth in data-driven integrated hatcheries.

Our SmartStart™ post-hatch feeding system was also recognised as a game changer for the poultry industry worldwide. Our flexible, ground-breaking and easy-to-implement early feeding solution gives newly hatched chicks the earliest possible access to feed, water and light – to help produce the highest number of best-quality, day-old chicks!

So, we extend thanks again to everyone we met in Atlanta, and we hope that you enjoy this selection of photos from the event as our lasting souvenir for you.

IPPE Expo 2019 Pas Reform / NatureForm

IPPE expo 2019

IPPE Expo 2019

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