Adaptive Metabolic Feedback™

For actively controlling ventilation to use only the specific amount of fresh air necessary

Adaptive Metabolic Feedback™Adaptive Metabolic Feedback™


AMF™ guards against unnecessary or excessive ventilation by continually ‘reading’ the time varying metabolism of a specific batch of embryos, adapting control parameters and fine-tuning the incubator environment according to the embryo’s needs.

Excessive inlet of climatized fresh air is prevented to ensure maximum temperature homogeneity, which also lowers the operational cost of climate control. Custom controlled relative humidity set points can be set for variable egg weight loss at each stage of embryonic development. By integrating the sensor box into the central column with its protective plate, cleaning the setter is an easy job, with no need to protect sensors with loose caps.

How it works

  • AMF™ ensures that the incubation environment meets the metabolic needs of the growing embryos, by controlling ventilation such that both relative humidity and carbon dioxide do not exceed set points
  • Ventilation and humidification are kept to the minimum, to allow for uniform temperature distribution
  • Air inlet- and -outlet is controlled by actual humidity and CO2 levels, instead of fixed outlet damper set points in the incubation program

Technical specifications

Material coverAnodized aluminium for easy cleaning
IncludingFully integrated sensor box, with high precision electronic humidity and CO2 control


Adaptive Metabolic Feedback™

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