Booster set

To reliably sustain a constant water pressure for humidification systems

Booster setBooster set


For use with Royal Pas Reform’s incubator humidity nozzle system. Includes booster pump and expansion tank – to reliably sustain constant water pressure and reduce the need to stop/start the pump, resulting in longer equipment life. Supplied with control box and connection set. Stainless steel components suitable for reverse osmosis water (recommended).

How it works

– Incoming water is pressurized by a booster pump to the required pressure level
– Outgoing water pressure is stabilized by the use of a pressure tank
– Centralized water piping to the different rooms transports the pressurized water to the point of use

Technical specifications

Humidifying capacity> 500 litres/hr
Operating pressure> 10 bar
Electrical requirements> 3x230V 50/60 Hz or 3x400V 50/60Hz +N+ PE
Power consumption> 0.74 kW
Connection> 1” internal threaded


Booster set

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