Room cooler/heater

To manage temperature anywhere in the hatchery

Room cooler/heater


An efficient, economical solution to temperature management anywhere in the hatchery. The room cooler/heater may be used either to warm in the winter by ventilating warm air - or to cool in the summer by circulating fresh air.

Its fan motor assembly incorporates Rotorex technology and a streamlined impeller, for improved air handling efficiency and reduced noise levels. Ideally suited to dry rooms and transfer rooms, the unit can also be used in a fresh air plenum (air supply tunnel) for fine-tuning incoming air from the air handling unit, prior to supplying setters or hatchers.

Supplied with a single row heat exchanger for hot water supply, or with a triple row heat exchanger for cold water supply.

How it works

  • The room cooler/heater is either used as a cooling or heating unit (single purpose)
  • Hot or cold water is supplied to the coil inside the unit
  • Incoming air is either heated up or cooled down as it passes the hot or cold coil
  • The temperature sensor inside the room starts and stops the unit automatically

Technical specifications

Heating unit capacity20 kW / 2075 m3/hour
Cooling unit capacity10 Kw / 5,960 m3/hour
Material Galvanised, precoated steel casing
IP Marking IP54
Including A built-in condensate drain pan with perforated bottom and quick connection fitting
PurposeEach unit is single purpose, installed either to heat or to cool


Room cooler/heater

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