SmartSense™ NF Hatcher

Adaptive embryonic incubation

SmartSense™ NF HatcherSmartSense™ NF Hatcher


SmartSense™ uses a next generation series of intelligent, high-accuracy sensors for both adaptive incubator control and predictive process information. This results in ongoing optimisation of the incubation process, for the highest numbers of best-quality chicks.

How it works

Circular cooling system™
Modern breeds generate more metabolic heat than in the past. Extensive research to forecast future developments has enabled Royal Pas Reform to calculate cooling capacities, not just for today’s breeds, but for their future offspring too. SmartSense™ has the highest cooling capacity of any incubator in the industry, based on a unique, double coil ’circular cooling system™’ per fan tower. The circuits are fully integrated with robust, double fans on either side of the cooling coils to deliver uniform cooling and temperature distribution throughout the cabinet.

SmartWatch™ monitors and adjusts the hatching process automatically, eliminating any need for human intervention. The module finely controls ventilation in the hatcher, based on a programmable CO2 concentration, from the moment of transfer through to the hatching of the last chicks.

Optimum hygiene
The SmartSense™ setter and hatcher are constructed of high-quality, smooth-walled, ‘food-safe’ polystyrene panels and anodised aluminium profiles. Being resistant to strong disinfectants and corrosion, the robust cabinets are extremely durable. The setter and hatcher floor are free from obstacles, while easy access to the open fan tower construction reduces cleaning time after each incubation cycle.

Technical specifications

Number of hatcher dolleys 4, 6 or 8
165 Basket / 54 egg tray / 16 highMaximum capacity 41,472 hen eggs
165 Basket / 54 egg tray / 17 highMaximum capacity 44,064 hen eggs
165 Basket / 165 egg tray / 16 highMaximum capacity 42,240 hen eggs
165 Basket / 165 egg tray / 17 highMaximum capacity 44,880 hen eggs
168 Basket / 36 egg tray / 15 highMaximum capacity 40,320 hen eggs
168 Basket / 42 egg tray / 15 highMaximum capacity 43,008 hen eggs
Modular designHeating, cooling, humidification (optional) and ventilation systems in each fan tower zone
HeatingElectrical heating per fan tower
CoolingWater cooling system with double coil circular cooling system™ per fan tower zone
HumidificationPressurised Air + Water fogging nozzle
Incubator controlSmartSense™ user interface
SmartWatch™Hatch window module, with high precision humidity and CO2 control


SmartSense™ NF HatcherSmartSense™ NF Hatcher

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