Air distribution system

To deliver fresh air throughout the hatchery

Air distribution system


A breath of fresh air for the hatchery. Royal Pas Reform’s powerful air distribution system carries air efficiently from the air handling unit – via a main duct, with valve-controlled branches into each different room or area of the hatchery. Piping is kept to a minimum and, for maximum hygiene, it is even possible to have a system without piping. A computer-based climate control system (available separately) monitors air pressure throughout the hatchery, to control the delivery of air into each room or area. Overpressure relief dampers between pressure-controlled rooms and surrounding areas maintain system integrity.

How it works

– The Air Handling Unit(s) prepares the right conditions for the hatchery air.
– The blower in the Air Handling Unit pressurizes the air and is blown into the air distribution system.
– The air piping throughout the hatchery transports the fresh air to the desired locations.
– Manual and automatic valves utilizing data from pressure and temperature sensors regulate the right climate conditions in each separate room.

Technical specifications

>Constructed from high quality zinc plated steel, in compliance with the Eurovent/Luka norm
>Includes anodized aluminum ceiling grids, air valves, overflow grills and mounting materials
>Includes insulation of the air ducting (when required)
>Specially engineered for each hatchery building and air handling unit


Air distribution system

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