SmartPro™ NF is chosen by Wayne Farms for US hatchery renovation project

May 30 2018

SmartPro™ NF is chosen by Wayne Farms for US hatchery renovation project

Wayne Farms LLC, one of the top-six poultry producers in the United States, has chosen SmartPro™ NF incubators from NatureForm and Pas Reform for its hatchery upgrade project in Decatur, Alabama.

With its headquarters in Oakwood, Georgia, Wayne Farms is also amongst the world’s 10 largest producers. Established in 1965, the company has evolved significantly from its origins as a spin off from the Continental Grain Company. Today it employs 9,000 staff and has a production capacity of close to 15 million broilers a week and annual sales of poultry products worth USD 2.2 billion.

Wayne Farms has a strategic focus on RWA (raised without antibiotics) production and the latest GAP2 animal welfare standards. This has triggered a complete shift towards single stage incubation, which results in a much shorter hatch window and lower first-week mortalities. Innovative, post-hatch feeding practices are also under consideration for the hatchery upgrades.

Wayne Farms’ decision to invest in the SmartPro™ NF product line at Decatur followed rigorous, year-long comparative testing across the entire range of competitor single stage incubation systems. At the end of these side-by-side comparisons, SmartPro™ NF ultimately emerged victorious. Overall improved field results versus the existing multi stage equipment justified the renovation investment.

Photo: L-R: Randy Caudill, North Alabama Live Production Manager, Wayne Farms; Kevin Martin, North Alabama Area Hatchery Manager, Wayne Farms

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