SmartSense™ uses a next generation series of intelligent, high-accuracy sensors for both adaptive incubator control and predictive process information. This results in ongoing optimisation of the incubation process, for the highest number of best-quality chicks.

Modular single stage incubation

The modular design of the SmartSense™ single-stage incubation series allows you to carefully manage the conditions required by the developing embryos in each fan tower zone.

By controlling each zone individually, a range of incubation environments can be created to meet the specific needs of each egg, according to breed, flock, age or storage profile.

Together with the SmartSense™ trolley, the system automatically adapts to specific embryonic needs. The result is maximum uniformity and optimal climate conditions for each batch of eggs at every stage of the incubation process - making specific trolley positioning and transfer redundant.

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SmartSense™ delivers major benefits for your hatchery

Fully sealed cabinet Energy efficient feature
SmartSense™ has a fully sealed cabinet for optimum control of the incubation climate. The doors are fitted with both automatic magnetic closures and drop-down seals, guaranteeing a secure, airtight and energy efficient seal. When shut, the door creates a strong, reliable barrier against air infiltration and leakage, enabling the egg pack to heat up quickly during initial incubation and preventing the loss of valuable air. 

ESM™ Energy Saving Module™
SmartSense™ uses Royal Pas Reform’s Energy Saving Module (ESM™) for fully programmable incubator fan RPMs and energy efficient, frequency-controlled, direct-drive motors.

Optimum hygiene
The SmartSense™ setter and hatcher are constructed of high-quality, smoothwalled, ‘food-safe’ polystyrene panels and anodised aluminium profiles. Being resistant to strong disinfectants and corrosion, the robust cabinets are extremely durable and easy to clean.

SmartSense™ interface 
The SmartSense™ user interface provides total control over every function and setting in each individual incubator. With a large, vertical, high-resolution 15.4 inch colour touchscreen and multi-language intuitive design, it is simple to operate and easily accessible to operators of all skill levels.

Circular cooling system
SmartSense™ has the highest cooling capacity of any incubator in the  industry, based on a unique, double coil ‘circular cooling system™’ per fan tower.

AMF™ Adaptive Metabolic Feedback™Energy efficient feature
In a single-stage incubation environment, achieving the correct weight loss profile for hatching eggs is critical for proper air cell development. To achieve this, SmartSense™ incubators simultaneously measure and control humidity and  CO2 during incubation. This Adaptive Metabolic Feedback (AMF™) accurately replicates breed or flock-specific weight loss profiles, preventing excessive ventilation and the loss of expensive, climatised air.

SmartWatch™ monitors and adjusts the hatching process automatically, eliminating any need for human intervention. The module finely controls ventilation in the hatcher, based on a programmable CO2 concentration, from the moment of transfer through to the hatching of the last chicks.

Integrated webcam
SmartSense™ features a fully integrated webcam, which allows visual inspections without disrupting the incubator climate – not just in front of the machine, but also remotely from anywhere in the world.

Independent turning in line with airflow
SmartSense™ incubator trolleys are individually turned in line with the airflow to ensure superior temperature distribution throughout the incubator. Including a combined air transport and trolley guiding profile.

Turning detection
The SmartSense™ setter includes air pressure based turning detection to provide rapid alarm notification in the unlikely event of a turning failure and the subsequent loss of valuable embryos.

Ergonomic design
Each detail has been thoughtfully engineered to deliver safe and efficient operation, whilst minimizing maintenance and reducing the risk of mistakes and labour costs.

Fully Connected
SmartSense™ products are fully connected for remote support and updates, giving the hatchery greater control over the incubation process.

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