Building or modifying a hatchery requires a great deal of expertise across varied disciplines, from design and layout, engineering and specification, to developing accurate calculations for the hatchery’s ideal design, manpower, energy needs and ROI. All these skills are required not only to configure and set up the hatchery successfully, but also to project its future needs - and returns. 

During this crucial planning phase, Pas Reform can support your planning with advice based on many years of knowledge and experience. We can help you to define a solution that meets your needs and circumstances - and provides a compelling, confident business case for boards, banks and investors.

Building design support

At Pas Reform we have the know-how to provide an advisory service for you and your architects, to help you make the right choices for optimal hatchery building design and specification.

  • Help choosing the best location for expansion or new build
  • Planning and design to optimise hatchery routing, processes and equipment
  • Expertise in the latest technologies and equipment
  • Increased hygiene, greater efficiency and reduced running costs

Layout design & specification

With the experience that comes from designing hatcheries for customers all over the world, Pas Reform can help you to define and visualize your plans.

  • Experienced in designing and planning hatcheries for customers of all sizes worldwide
  • Detailed design and layouts – from the ground up
  • Specifications for every area of your new hatchery building or expansion
  • Detailed budgets to support your business case, planning and ambitions

Manpower planning

Having worked with hatcheries of every size and type, from start-ups to well-established ‘super hatcheries’, Pas Reform has the experience to deliver accurate, cost benefit analyses for several manpower options.

  • Balance manpower and automation needs for your business plan
  • Analysis of local market circumstances and the availability of local labour
  • Maximise process efficiencies and chick quality
  • Review of suitable models and options – each with fully documented cost benefit analyses

Return on Investment (ROI) calculations

Pas Reform can help you to make detailed ROI calculations for varied hatchery scenarios, so you can develop a strong business case that will support the financing of your project

  • Detailed plans and forecasts for initial investment and ongoing operational costs
  • Scenario planning – from sliding scales of production to different levels of automation and energy-saving
  • Experienced team – help to identify new or alternative options
  • Fully documented process to support business and investment planning

Financial advice

Pas Reform has a trusted, established network of financial partners to find a tailored plan to get your hatchery project off the ground.

  • Solid support for your business planning
  • Trusted, established network of financial partners
  • A tailored plan with options for credit facilities or lease options if needed

Energy consumption advice

Pas Reform can provide detailed hatchery energy consumption calculations, working with you to define related operational costs and look for ways to deliver savings.

  • Detailed energy consumption calculations
  • Define related operational costs and identify saving opportunities
  • Identify actual benefits of choosing sustainable solutions
  • Provide alternatives for comparisons: eg. using either water-based or electrical heating systems

Need help?

Bouke Hamminga, Director International Sales & Business Development