House of Raeford, Broiler Hatchery

Monetta, South Carolina

Gayle Sharpe, hatchery manager: “SmartCare™ Lifetime Service has proven to be a major benefit in our incubation of high quality chicks. It has helped optimize production efficiencies through phone conversations, skype meetings and personal visits from Pas Reform’s professional team. It has also brought in a personal feeling to a highly technological hatchery, by providing face to face training.” 

Aviagen France, Broiler Grandparent Stock hatchery

Champtocé sur Loire, France

Louis du Boberil, hatchery manager Aviagen France: “Having completed the first incubation cycles in the new hatchery, we are now fine-tuning to fully implement all the new systems - and expect to see significantly reduced heating and energy costs, enhanced bio-security and improved product flow and processing within our first full year of operation.

The Champtocé sur Loire renovation is of key importance to Aviagen - and not only in France. As a supplier of day old breeding stock, biosecurity and chick quality are business critical. This new facility is a centrepiece in fulfilling the EW Group’s ambition, to remain the world’s leading supplier of genetic solutions for animal production worldwide.”

Grupo Uvesa, Broiler Hatchery

Tudela, Spain

Rodrigo Garcia Hatchery Manager, Uvesa: “While we did look initially at working with separate suppliers for incubation, hatchery automation and climate control systems, we found that Pas Reform was very able to combine both and truly deliver a complete, integrated hatchery solution for Uvesa.”

“We see many advantages to working with a single supplier for all systems. Aside from streamlining development by working with just one engineering team during the construction of the project, we are able to integrate incubation data with climate control data and hatchery automation data through SmartCenterPro’s™ hatchery information software.” “This enables us to make well-informed decisions for the future refinement and development of incubation programming, hatchery management and maintenance schedules.”

“With a full package of service, including training and ongoing access to Pas Reform Academy, this is a fully integrated hatchery solution, designed specifically to support Uvesa’s hatchery team and business goals for the future.”

ISA, Layer Parent Stock hatchery

Boxmeer, The Netherlands

Mark Cornelissen, Global Hatchery Specialist, ISA: “The unique combination of innovations has transformed the Boxmeer facility, achieving significant reductions in heating and energy costs, and outstanding results with enhanced bio-security and improved product flows and processing."

“In its first year of operation, the hatchery is already demonstrating unparalleled sustainability and a significant ROI, both for the environment and for our producers, which we regard as the only way forward.”