We believe in the power of diversity!

March 11 2024

We believe in the power of diversity!

On Friday, March 8, Royal Pas Reform celebrated International Women's Day. Mainly for our female colleagues, but also for the men. For young and old. For energetic new talent and experienced old hands. Academically schooled or vocationally trained...


Because we believe in the power of diversity. In eclectic beliefs, experiences, philosophies and perspectives. A well-balanced team makes better decisions, is more creative and works better together.

If you’re interested in what diversity looks like at Royal Pas Reform, we’d be happy to show you! Watch the video

During a a sponsored cycle, walk and run event, Royal Pas Reform raised an amount of € 5.500,00 for Plan International’s ‘Return to sender’ project. Return to sender helps young women to follow vocational training and thus become economically independent.

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