Vacuum egg lifter

For the fast, safe transfer of eggs from pulp tray to setter tray

Vacuum egg lifter


A lightweight, gentle, reliable tool for the semi-automatic transfer of eggs from pulp tray to setter tray, the vacuum egg lifter eliminates the risk of damage to the eggs.

Constructed out of clear plastic to give complete visibility from handle to cup, there are no projecting studs, depressions or mismatched welds or joints in which dirt can accumulate. The unit can be fitted with a variety of standard egg lifters and is available for matrix and honeycomb structured setter trays. Unit consists of vacuum pump with 1 or 2 vacuum heads.

How it works

  • The cups of the vacuum lifter are placed over the eggs on the incoming (transport) tray
  • The eggs are sucked onto the vacuum cups
  • An operator positions the eggs in the setter tray using the vacuum egg lifter
  • Eggs are released immediately when the valve lever is depressed

Technical specifications

Capacityup to 36 eggs per head
Installed power0.2 kW
Air consumption50 m3/hour
Noise level50 - 53 dB(A)
Weight825 gram (empty)
Dimensions310 x 260 x 160 mm (empty)
Suitable forMatrix structured setter tray
Honeycomb structured setter tray


Vacuum egg lifter

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