ESM™ Energy Saving Module

To fully programme the Vortex™ incubator fan for energy savings of up to 30%

ESM™ Energy Saving ModuleESM™ Energy Saving Module


Pas Reform’s Energy Saving Module (ESM™) dramatically reduces the use of electricity by reducing the speed of the Vortex™ fans in each section of the setter. ESM™ energy saving module makes the RPM of the Vortex™ air pump fully programmable - derived from embryonic metabolism rates inside the setter - to reduce energy consumption by up to 30 per cent during specific phases of embryonic development.

How it works

  • ESM™ actively controls ventilation in the setter, to circulate only the specific amount of air required, without affecting temperature uniformity around the eggs
  • During days 1 and 2 of incubation, the embryos require maximum air flow to uniformly heat all the eggs
  • From days 3 to 12, the embryological requirements of the eggs are at a lower level, allowing air flow to be reduced to 75% of its original speed
  • From days 12 to 18, the cooling requirements of the eggs once again require more air flow for uniform cooling

Technical specifications

Includes ESM™ Software and frequency control unit


ESM™ Energy Saving Module

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