Chain, belt, roller and chick conveyors



A range of conveyor types for a variety of uses throughout the hatchery, from lightweight or linear systems, to customised configurations or the transport of heavy loads. All conveyors incorporate an intermediate drive, for longer conveyor lengths and multi-directional operation where needed

How it works

Roller conveyor
This gravity system roller conveyor is suitable for transporting various trays or baskets. Easily maintained and suitable for high pressure cleaning. Stainless steel construction with durable plastic rollers.

Belt conveyor
Suitable for straight line configurations and for angled transport. Easy to clean stainless steel construction with high quality transport belts.

Selection & grading conveyor
Extra wide belt conveyor for visual quality control and the selection of day old chicks after separation and prior to further handling.

Chick conveyor
Designed for the gentle transport of day old chicks to reduce stress between various (automation) modules. Supplied with easy to clean belts and available in various lengths.

Chain conveyor
Available in different lengths the chain conveyors are ideal for transporting full or empty hatcher baskets and setter trays, as well as all kinds of chick boxes. Stainless steel design with optional stoppers and sensors for automated carrier transport. Fully compatible with various automation systems, including stackers and de-stackers.

Technical specifications

Roller Conveyor Gravity system operation
Easy maintenance
Stainless steel construction
Durable plastic rollers
Belt Conveyor Customized to required layout
Straight-line and angled
Stainless steel construction
Selection & grading conveyor Extra wide selection belt
Can be placed under ergonomic working angle
Chick conveyor Animal friendly design
Various widths
Chain ConveyorMaintenance free conveyor
Customised to required layout
Virtually any configuration possible
Stainless steel construction
Optional 90 or 180 degrees turn conveyor



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