SmartHatchPro™ NF Series

Modular hatcher for hen eggs.

SmartHatchPro™ NF SeriesSmartHatchPro™ NF Series


SmartHatchPro™ is a fully-automated hatching system that delivers accurately regulated temperature, humidity and ventilation: an exemplary hatcher for high day old chick uniformity, with no need for human intervention.

How it works

  • Circular cooling system™: With a deep understanding of the impact that metabolic heat production has on the growing embryo, Pas Reform has calculated SmartHatchPro’s™ cooling capacities for today’s breeds and also for projected breed requirements in twenty years from now. SmartHatchPro™ incorporates two double coil ’circular cooling systems™’ per hatcher fan tower zone. The circuits are fully integrated with robust, double fans on either side of the cooling coils, to deliver uniform cooling and temperature distribution throughout the cabinet.
  • Automated hatching system: Fully automated processes deliver greater accuracy. SmartWatch™ monitors and adjusts the hatching process automatically, from the day of transfer through to the hatching of the last chicks, eliminating any need for human intervention. Field trials prove that the systematic measurement and control of temperature, humidity and CO2 production, combined with the use of current and historical data to adjust the hatcher environment automatically, consistently produces high uniformity in every hatch cycle.
  • Hygiene: SmartHatchPro™ is constructed of high quality, smooth-walled ‘food-safe’ anodized aluminium profiles and polystyrene panels. Its robust cabinets are resistant to strong disinfectants and corrosion and extremely durable. The absence of closed air ducts on top of the machine improves hygiene and sanitation.

Technical specifications

Number of hatcher dolleys5, 6, 8 or 12
Compatible hatcher basketsEurobox (600x400) basket, 132 basket, 150L basket, 165 basket or 168 basket.
Modular designHeating, cooling, humidification and ventilation systems in each fan tower zone
Heating Electrical heating
Cooling Water cooling system with double coil circular cooling system™ per fan tower zone
Humidification Pressurised Air + Water fogging nozzle
Incubator control SmartTouch™ user interface, including multiple machine control
SmartWatch™ (optional) Hatch window module, with high precision humidity and CO2 control


SmartHatchPro™ NF Series

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