Setter tray washer

For thoroughly clean setter trays

Setter tray washerSetter tray washer


Compact washing machine with durable, easily exchangeable spray nozzles. Specifically designed for effectively cleaning setter trays.

With separate main wash and after-rinsing sections, the setter tray washer heats circulation water internally for the main wash cycle, which is filtered continually. Fresh water rinsing completes the cycle in a separate zone of the machine, which can include the use of a disinfectant for increased hygiene. Re-used rinse water continuously renews the contents of the wash tank, in a process that combines maximum wash action with minimal water, energy and chemical consumption.

Designed with the hatchery environment in mind. Easily cleaned, robust stainless steel construction.

How it works

  • Setter trays can be loaded into the washer automatically or manually
  • Trays are cleaned thoroughly inside and out, with pivoting spray pipes to ensure a thorough washing action
  • Two maintenance-free stainless steel chains transport the trays through the washer, with catches to fix the distance between the trays
  • When equipped with a speed variator, the speed of transport is fully variable, to select the most effective wash speed for the level of pollution
  • Incorporates main wash and after-rinse sections, with a unique filter system
  • Separate fresh water rinse cycle is reused in the main wash to conserve water
  • Easy-view control panel at operating height for managing all functions

Technical specifications

Setter tray capacity (depending on type)350 / 550 / 450 / 900 / 1,100 or 1,450 per hour
Tunnel lengthVarying from 2,000 to 6,500 mm
Machine lengthVarying from 3,000 to 7,500 mm
Water connection 3/4”
Noise level 84 dB
Wash/rinse temperature 50-60 °C


Setter tray washer

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