Hatchery climate controllers

To carefully balance climate control throughout the hatchery

Hatchery climate controllers


Pas Reform’s hatchery climate controllers give the hatchery manager total control of environmental conditions in every room of the hatchery. Temperature, humidity, airflow and air pressure can all be managed fully, to give each growing embryo the best chance of reaching its full potential, while creating optimal process and working conditions in the various areas of the hatchery.

How it works

Hatchery climate controller HCC-P1-24
Fresh air supply valve controller - maintains constant air pressure as set in a plenum or attic, by managing the amount of fresh air supplied to the setter or hatcher room. Maintains positive pressure for enhanced biosecurity and energy savings

Hatchery climate controller HCC-P1-230
Controls fan RPM in a plenum or attic, based on room pressure. This regulates the amount of air passing through the fan, to maintain constant pressure at required levels

Hatchery climate controller HCC-M-230
Controls fan RPM based on manual selection, to control the refreshment rate in a room, plenum or attic by regulating the volume of air passing through the fan. Suitable for use where automated pressure control is not required or desired

Hatchery climate controller HCC-T
Controls temperature in hatchery rooms by regulating hot and cold water flow regulation valves in the hatchery, based on temperature setpoint. Includes digital read-out of measured temperature and minimum and maximum temperature alarms

Alarm module controller AM-6
Sounds audio and displays visual LEDs to indicate the alarm status of connected appliances. Includes independent alarm controls, memory function, internal battery in

Technical specifications

Material (housing)Durable ABS
IP MarkingIP54 or IP55 (depending on type)


Hatchery climate controllers

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