A Century of Milestones

The rich timeline that traces Pas Reform’s 100-year history in the hatchery business features many product launches, a steady flow of innovations and continuous expansions through organic growth and acquisitions. But one thing remains the same: Pas Reform’s commitment to deliver the highest number of best-quality chicks!

A simple farmyard animal

Before 1900

A simple farmyard animal

Until the beginning of the twentieth century, the chicken was simply viewed as a farmyard animal and poultry farming was very much a secondary business. The meat was only eaten on very special occasions and eggs that were not for personal use were either exchanged for other necessities, or sold on the local market.

1919 - 1950

From broody hen to artificial incubation

1950 - 1960

From post-war domestic market recovery to major international expansion

1960 - 2000

From multi-stage incubation to automated single-stage

2000 - 2019

From incubator manufacturer to supplier of integrated hatchery solutions