Microban® SilverShield antimicrobial technology

To help reduce the risk of cross-contamination from food poisoning bacteria by up to 99.9%


Harmful bacteria such as Salmonella, E.coli, S.aureus and Campylobacter represent a high risk of microbial transfer through the poultry production chain. Microban®’s innovative SilverShield antimicrobial technology takes silver’s proven antibacterial effectiveness in polymers a huge step forward.

Testing shows that SilverShield kills 99.9% of these bacteria on SmartBasket™ surfaces compared to hatcher baskets without. SilverShield both complements and helps to extend the effectiveness of standard chemical disinfecting routines used in hatcheries by working between cleanings, adding an extra level of hygiene in hard to reach areas and reducing the risk of cross contamination.

How it works

  • Microban® SilverShield antibacterial technology is built-in the hatcher basket during the manufacturing process
  • It remains effective even if the hatcher basket is nicked or scratched
  • It never washes away or wears off with use
  • Silver is constantly presented on the surface and ready to be released 24/7
  • It remains active in killing bacteria throughout the useful lifetime of the basket

Technical specifications

> SilverShield is an advanced technology that is inert until it comes into contact with a damp environment in which bacteria can rapidly grow. Only then will it release minute amounts of silver, disrupting the bacteria’s metabolism by preventing it from converting nutrients into energy, which inhibits bacteria survival, reproduction and colonization.
> Importantly, where disinfectants are likely to only last 120 minutes before microbes regain their foothold, SilverShield’s long lasting protection works around the clock to inhibit the growth of microbes.
> Microban® SilverShield technology has been notified in Europe under the BPR (Biocidal Product Regulation) and has EPA registration in North America, meaning it is safe to use in objects that people or food can touch or can come in contact with.


Microban® SilverShield antimicrobial technology

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