Trolley washer

For farm or setter trolley

Trolley washerTrolley washer


Effective, space saving washing machine, specifically designed to clean farm and setter trolleys thoroughly, with separate entry and exit doors for dirty and clean trolleys to optimise hygiene.

A vertical-action spray nozzle system ensures that all sides of the trolley are cleaned with the high pressure hot water spray, while a locking system ensures that the trolleys remain fixed during cleaning. Hot water can be supplied by the washer’s integrated electrical heating system, or by using a heat exchanger in combination with the hatchery’s hot water supply.

Easily replaced, click-on nozzles for optimum maintenance and durable stainless steel design for long lasting performance. Effective cleaning for moderate pollution.

How it works

  • Front door is opened and dirty trolley is positioned inside the machine
  • Trolley is locked into position and the front door can be closed
  • The trolley is washed with hot, pressurised water. A signal indicates when cleaning is complete
  • Back door is opened and the trolley can be unlocked and removed

Technical specifications

Capacity 40 trolley / hour
Installed power 15 kW
Water consumption 4 - 10 litre per cycle (adjustable)
Sound level 74 dB(A)
Material Stainless steel AISI304
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1700 x 2400 x 2600 mm
IncludingEasy entry ramp for optimal trolley manoeuvrability


Trolley washer

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