Hatchery flooring and drainage

Floors and drains contribute significantly to operational productivity and cost-efficiency

Hatchery flooring and drainageHatchery flooring and drainage


The quality and construction of Pas Reform’s floors and drains contribute significantly to operational productivity and cost-efficiency. Seamless, mechanical installation creates a hygienic, extremely hardwearing finish, with the resin layering process delivering improved chemical and thermal resistance, durability and easy maintenance over time. Resin screeds also create a good seal with walls and can be installed with skirting, for improved cleaning.

This type of flooring is fully chemically bonded to the concrete substrate, which prevents the collection of dirt or bacterial contamination in joints or hollows under the finished floor. High-speed installation produces greater efficiency in the building schedule, ultimately reducing total project lead-times. Drainage is factored into the build of the floor, with a slope to remove wastewater and promote good drainage. Drains and gulleys are situated in processing areas and passages, where easy access for regular cleaning reduces the level and subsequent risk of contamination.

With a smooth, durable surface, stainless (AISI 304) drains are easily cleaned and strong enough to support the weight of moving loads.

How it works

  • Load bearing capacity is established from a concrete base layer, reinforced with steel or concrete, depending on the strength and stability of the natural substrate
  • Building then continues upwards, starting with a sub-base of compacted granular material or lean-mix concrete, followed by a damp-proof layer, insulation, reinforced concrete and a water-tight top finish
  • Completed, the floor is flat and level, highly resistant to pressure washing and chemicals, and strong enough to withstand both concentrated and moving (wheeled) loads
  • A cement-bonded base with synthetic finishing layers delivers optimum performance and durability
  • Combined with Microban®, the synthetic resin surface also provides continuous antimicrobial protect

Technical specifications

Drainage pit dimensions247 x 247 mm (external) / 213 x 213 mm (internal)
Narrow drain dimensions60 mm (external) / 20 mm (internal)
Wide drain dimensions200 mm (external) / 160 mm (internal)
MaterialStainless steel AISI304
IncludingManual handgrip for cleaning purposes and waste collection basket


Hatchery flooring and drainage

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