SmartStart™ hatcher

To implement post-hatch feeding as easily and flexibly as possible

SmartStart™ hatcher


The SmartStart™ hatcher gives newly hatched chicks the earliest possible access to feed, water and light. It promotes the development of robust day-old chicks and helps to reduce the need for antibiotics. The hatcher comprises two key elements, that can be applied individually or together: precision feeding and intelligent lighting.

Precision feeding
The semi-moist SmartStart™ feed provides the optimal combination of nutrients and water to support the chicks’ gut health, metabolism and immune systems. Formulated with a scent and colour that chicks find appealing, SmartStart™ feed performs well in the warm conditions of the hatcher and provides a safe, convenient and hygienic feeding solution.

Intelligent lighting
The SmartStart™ LED lighting guides newly hatched chicks to the feed balconies of the hatcher basket. The soft, indirect lighting operates at a frequency and wavelength that suits day old chicks best. It is gentle on their eyes, allowing them to get used to light without stress.

The lighting programs are fully adjustable for natural day and night rhythms, in line with broiler farm lighting programs, and software upgradeable to keep pace with future light colour and temperature requirements.

How it works

  • Stacked SmartStart™ hatcher baskets filled with eggs and semi-moist feed are positioned inside the SmartStart™ hatcher on dollies
  • The automatic hatching program assures optimal climate conditions for the embryo’s by carefully controlling cooling and ventilation settings
  • Increases and decreases of humidity result in an automatically generated message when the majority of the chicks have hatched
  • The SmartStart™ LED lighting guides the new-born chicks to the feed balconies of the hatcher basket, using the most appropriate light spectrum for newly hatched chicks
  • The lighting programs are fully adjustable for natural day and night rhythms, in line with broiler farm lighting programs
  • After unloading, the machine is easily and thoroughly cleaned, with integrated cooling coils in anodized aluminium hatcher walls and LED lighting embedded into the ceiling of the hatcher
  • An electrical heating device assures optimal temperatures for drying and pre-heating

Technical specifications

Capacity hen eggs14.400 fertile eggs (90 eggs per basket)
20.480 fertile eggs (128 eggs per basket)
Width3184 mm
Height (+ height of motor)2459 mm (+300 mm)
Height including louvre 2978 mm
Depth2211 (+72 mm for central operating console)
Number of hatcher dolleys5
CoolingSurroundCooling™: 12 parallel water cooling circuits, incorporated in aluminium cabinet walls
HumidificationNozzle (humidity roller upon request)
Incubator controlSmartTouch™, including multiple machine control
SmartWatch™ (optional) Hatch window module including fully integrated sensor box, with high-precision electronic humidity and CO2 control


SmartStart™ hatcher

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