For reliable control of air temperature, air pressure, CO2 and humidity in any hatchery room



SmartControl™ sensor technology allows hatchery climate control in the most efficient way, for the highest number of best quality chicks. Designed to ensure the reliable central monitoring and automatic control of air temperature, air pressure, CO2 and humidity in any hatchery room, the SmartControl™ module makes climate information accessible from a single platform. All the data is stored to ensure that there is a complete climate-history record for the entire process. Having the ability to monitor, analyse and control all room climate data in real-time and on one platform ensures an optimal, healthy hatchery climate at every stage of operation.

How it works

  • SmartControl™ can be applied across a wide range of areas, such as egg storage and chick holding rooms, corridors, fluff tunnels, attics and plenums
  • By processing the inputs from multiple SmartControl™ sensors, SmartCenterPro™ hatchery management software responds instantly to maintain the exact climate needs of any hatchery room
  • The automated system perfectly aligns room conditions to the preset values, quickly achieving the desired air quality using as little energy as possible
  • The system comes with room sensors which are connected to actuators for full output control, as well as a bus system for connection and seamless integration with SmartCenterPro™ - to enable data logging and extended climate graphs

Technical specifications

>Pas Reform is able to supply customer-specific proposals for the installation of SmartControl™, based on the rooms to be included and the functionality required
>Installation is implemented on a project basis to ensure that the scope, quality and training needs for the individual hatchery are met fully. As a result, we can give our customers a solution that is fully customized for their needs
>his solution is only available when used in combination with SmartCenterPro™



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