SmartPro™ technologies chosen for expansion and continuous improvement in Bolivia

December 7 2022

SmartPro™ technologies chosen for expansion and continuous improvement in Bolivia

Avícola Don Mario in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, have completed the third expansion of its single stage hatchery with 6x SmartSetPro setters plus 6x SmartHatchPro hatchers.

Bolivia is traditionally a red meat consumer, but the population is moving to chicken meat and derivates looking for healthy protein source, as the country has been improving year-by-year the Human Development Index, according to UN reports.

With this expansion the hatchery will have a total capacity of 1.38 million incubated eggs per week. Considered the biggest and most modern hatchery of Bolivia the plant is located in the rural area of Santa Cruz and distributes top-quality chicks for the broiler farms in the area.

Among Avícola Don Mario´s clients, they distribute chicks to the broiler farmers that supply with grown chickens the largest food producer in Bolivia, Sofia Ltda. A company that has been evolving in production year-after-year to consolidate as best quality chicken meat and ready-to-eat dishes manufacturer in the country.

Avícola Don Mario is an amazing organization with a strong technical orientated behavior, they are always looking for the best in technology and produce top-quality products for their customers. We have been developing with them a wonderful partnership to deliver the high-quality products from Royal Pas Reform to produce the best chicks to their broiler farms, helping them in the continuous company development, said Ernst Pfeiffer, Pas Reform project manager for the region.

David Flambury, project manager at Sofia, mentioned that this expansion will support the continuous evolving of the company and consolidate Sofia´s position as the biggest poultry meat processing company in Bolivia.

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