SmartStart™ dosing unit

To dose a flexible amount of feed into the hatcher basket’s feed balconies

SmartStart™ dosing unit


The SmartStart™ dosing unit enables you to manage feed dosing into the SmartStart™ hatcher basket with unmatched ease and flexibility. Dose the right amount of feed accurately by selecting the appropriate feed dosing tube. The system can be flexibly configured and integrated into existing hatchery automation lines.

How it works

  • Feed bags are emptied into the buffer hoppers of the dosing unit (2 hoppers – 1 for each hatcher basket side)
  • A pneumatic mixing and dosing system ensures that feed is correctly placed into the feeding balconies of the hatcher basket
  • Available as in-line and stand-alone unit
  • Easy to clean, stainless steel design for maximum hygiene

Technical specifications

Maximum capacity250 baskets/hr (semi-automatic configuration)
Dosing capacityVariable, up to 170 gr/basket
Power consumption0,5 kW
Air requirement14 litre air per dosing at 6 bar pressure
MaterialStainless steel AISI304 (where applicable)
Dimensions1400 x 1250 x 1550 mm
Weight±500 Kg


SmartStart™ dosing unit

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