SmartStart™ LED lighting

To guide newly-hatched chicks to the semi-moist feed

SmartStart™ LED lightingSmartStart™ LED lighting


The SmartStart™ intelligent LED lighting guides newly hatched chicks to the feed balconies of the hatcher basket. The soft, indirect lighting operates at a frequency and wavelength that suits day old chicks best. It is gentle on their eyes, allowing them to get used to light without stress.

The lighting programs are fully adjustable for natural day and night rhythms, in line with broiler farm lighting programs, and software upgradeable to keep pace with future light colour and temperature requirements.

How it works

  • Incorporating LED lighting with primary and secondary optics, to direct light to where it is needed
  • Using the most appropriate light spectrum for newly hatched chicks
  • Easily fitted into existing hatchers
  • Embedded into the ceiling of the hatcher, to meet the most stringent hygiene requirements
  • Fully integrated with incubation programs

Technical specifications

Optics6 LED intelligent multi spectral lighting units with primary and secondary narrow beam optics
Power consumption52 W (maximum at full output, steady state)
Dimensions58.5 x 1213.4 x 40 mm
Weight1,8 Kg
CRI Up to 95


SmartStart™ LED lighting

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